Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tip The Den, Mickey !

Tip The Den, Mickey !

As kids most of us must have played “hide and seek” and “tip the den” games one time of the other, both are similar but “tip the den” is certainly the more exciting one, as kids it was very exciting and enjoyed it too, it did not require to many kids as well, could be played even between just two kids, with not much space required either, one could play it anywhere and everywhere. In villages even today, every time I watch kids play that game a smile lights up my face and takes me back in time, to the good old days of yore.

While playing this game we hid, not just behind trees or structures but also in some of the most difficult of places not worried of the dirtiness around or the availability of light either, we just made ourselves as invisible as possible, leaving the poor soul (the den) to spot us before we “tipped the den”, sometimes a few of us would come in a group out of nowhere and tip the den, leaving the “den” confused and immobile. For kids it does sound good but when the grown up’s play this game, they look ridiculously silly.

Last couple of day the media is all about our “Hip Hop” politician Mickey playing “tip the den” with our security services and I am sure he is going to “tip the den” even before our “den”, the police, realize it, making them look utterly foolish.

Mickey Mickey Mickey where are thou? asks the security services, how can a man of your stature and acumen do this to us, when we supported you in all your endeavors, acted blind to all your aggressions, even against our very own, and time and again reached late to curb your favourite indulgence the “direos”, we even let you drive your expensive all terrain vehicle the Hummer without registration, helped you by delaying the FIR filed by your wife Sara, and the complain by the Engineer whom you had slapped. Even in this case too we will help you as much as we can, now just because it’s fresh news, everyone is interested, but after a while everything will be forgotten. We have been so nice and accommodating and why do you like to make us look foolish in front the Goan people?

Most of us know the fire brand politician who got his kicks by breaking every rule in the book or on second thoughts, he could have been ignorant of the rules, a .
possibility knowing his personal limitations. He was a tailor by profession, he then goes to Bahrain where he struggles and in some years reaches the land of opportunities called USA, like a lot of migrants his stars seemed to have shone too and out of a nobody he suddenly becomes everybody’s envy, as he lands up in a fortune that nobody had dreamt off.

He than comes back to Goa flaunting his newly acquired riches and locks horns with our Great Churchill Almeao and before anyone could say “Alleluia” he kicks Churchill’s backside and wins the election from the constituency of Benaulim and voila in no time showing his muscle and money power becomes a minister, if one dud can become a Minister or even a Chief Minister why not the other? So starts the political life line of Mickey. He even went to the extent of owning a football team but then as the football governing body of India did not bow to his ethics he withdrew his team. But as it is said it’s impossible to straighten the tail of a dog, so also the problematic life style of the flamboyant Mickey.

“Old habits are hard to die” is an old axiom which is very much applicable to Mickey, his inherent temper and his flair for expensive cars, women and equally fast lifestyle were not the perfect panaceas for all his ills and did put him in a lot of trouble both personally, as well as a politician and the latest episode has culminated into Mickey playing “tip the den” with the security services. How far and how long it’s to go? We’ll have to just wait and watch.

Mean while speculations and anxiety over the situation grows the bereaved family has to go through muck and acrimony. This is indeed tragic. In any crime the guilty must be punished, but isn’t it true that every crime should be treated equally? Every individual has to be given justice? Does not our constitution give justice for all ? So, when so many other equally questionable suicides, murders and abetments are just ignored, while only a few are looked into, why is the life of this young lady so important and that of the others so worthless? Are we seeking justice? Or are we seeking revenge? Or are we seeking political mileage? In fulfilling our political agendas we just do not mind whom we trample over or what distress we cause to the other, as long as we get the publicity.

Freddy Agnelo Fernandes
Dubai - UAE

June 8, 2010


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